Implementing a warehouse management system?

For many, implementing a warehouse management system can seem a daunting task. Typically these systems involve many moving parts including; software, hardware, WiFi infrastructure, operational changes, integration with existing accounting, eCommerce, order entry, ERP or MRP systems and training.

A problem with any of these items can create significant problems with the entire implementation process. Because organization will significantly reduce problems throughout the process it is ideal to address as many as possible.

Warehouse Pallets
Warehouse Pallets

This can be especially true if new to an automated WMS system or opening a warehouse at the same time implementing your warehouse management system.

So how to get organized? Many items can be completed independent of the WMS implementation. Consider the following:

  • Organize the warehouse.
  • Implement or reevaluate WiFi infrastructure.
  • Organize rack/bin locations and get them in electronic format.
  • Develop a process to get on hand counts in electronic format.
  • Create a secure space for changing and storing mobile computers.
  • Ensure you have adequate power at the receiving docks for paper/barcode printers.

We will be exploring each of these in greater detail in future blog posts. Interested in more? Undecided about implementing a WMS? Check out our post on Considering a Warehouse Management System. Interested in more, download our warehouse management system implementation check list or sign up for our newsletter.