WMS 9.5 coming soon!

Final stages of beta testing for WMS 9.5

IntelliTrack WMS 9.5 is in the final stages of beta testing. Here is some of the advantages of WMS 9.5.

  1. WMS 9.5 is now offered with subscription or perpetual licensing.
  2. Customers that choose the subscription based model and have modifications to the workstation and/or RF server application may not incur a cost for the migration of those modifications to the new release. The subscription based licensing model includes all licensing and support costs.
  3. The IntelliTrack WMS workstation now supports Access 365 and is supported on Windows 10 and 11.
  4. The RF server application had been developed in Microsoft .Net and uses a native Android client. Note: Older Windows Mobile and CE scanners are not supported with WMS 9.5.
  5. WMS now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and the RF server can run on Windows server 2022.
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